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    Recycle Your Christmas Tree

    Recycle Your Christmas Tree

    Recycle Your Christmas Tree

    There are a lot of advantages to having a real tree rather than an artificial one, and just one is the chance to recycle or repurpose your tree once Christmas is over and done. Once you have finished enjoying your tree this holiday season, be sure to dispose of it in an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible way.

    Depending on where you live, there may be a number of options for responsibly disposing of your Christmas tree. Some communities have donation programs, taking old Christmas trees and using them for wildlife enrichment purposes. For some, the best option will be to chip your old Christmas tree and turn it into mulch for use in your garden come Spring and Summer. Tree recycling programs exist almost everywhere, so even if you aren’t ready to repurpose your tree yourself, your local community probably already has a program in place.

    Did you know…

    • Production of a single artificial Christmas tree releases 40 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
    • A single natural Christmas tree absorbs 20 pounds of carbon dioxide before being harvested, removing that pollutant from the atmosphere

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