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Around 2 billion razors are thrown away each year.  What makes that LARGE number even worse is that razors are made from multiple materials so they cannot be recycled, which means every single one of those razors makes it to the landfill.

On average each person shaves 3 times per week and replaces their razor every 4 shaves.  When you add that up each person who shaves goes through 39 disposable razors or cartridge refills every year.


Safety razors are not only better for the environment but they shave more efficiently and cost less.  Most safety razors are made from solid metal or a metal and wood combo. The razor blades also contain zero plastic and come packaged in paper not a thick plastic container or bag.


Another great alternative are electric razors.  Yes they are made out of plastic but a good electric razor will last for years.  When it comes time to decide between a safety razor or an electric razor it's all about preference and cost.  A good electric razor and replacement heads can get a bit pricey.


Yearly Costs:

  • The average disposable razor cost $1.22 each = Yearly cost of $47.58

  • The average cartridge refill cost $4.95 each = Yearly cost of $193.05

  • The electric razor itself cost $50-$200 and each refill cost $20-$50 per year

  • The average safety razor blade refill cost $0.16 = Yearly cost of $6.24