Paper Towels

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Did you know over 13 billion pounds (3,000 tons) of paper towels are used every year in the US alone?  That is equivalent to 80 rolls of paper towels per person per year!


The convenience of paper towels is using up precious resources.  It takes 110 million trees and 130 billion gallons of water every year to produce all of those paper towels. Not to mention all of these paper towels come packaged in plastic.

Cloth napkins are the way to go.  They can be used over and over reducing trash in landfills and saving all of those trees and water.  For the cost of a two month supply of paper towels you can outfit your home with cloth napkins for your entire family.


Extra Facts:

  • Globally 254 million tons of paper towels make it to landfills every year

  • Paper products make up more than 28% of trash sent to landfills

  • Paper and pulp production is the third largest polluter

  • Over 317 million Americans use paper towels

  • Only 9 million Americans say no to paper towels