Buy Seeds, Not Bouquets

Buy Seeds, Not Bouquets

This Valentine’s Day, sales of flowers will see an uptick and millions of people around the world will receive bouquets. While the sweet smell of flowers in your home offers a lot of temptation, consider choosing a more sustainable option this Valentine’s Day by opting for something with a little more longevity.

Visit your local nursery or garden center this Valentine’s Day and see what kinds of seeds they have to offer. The gift of seeds is one that keeps on giving since your loved one will be able to plant and enjoy their flowers for months on end rather than enjoying a bouquet for only a few days. Besides lasting far longer than cut stem flowers, buying seeds for your loved one can also help them beautify their garden for an eco-friendly touch of decor. Choose seeds that are native to your area, ones that attract bees and butterflies, and ones that will bloom beautifully in the warmer months.

Did you know…

  • In the three weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, flower delivery vehicles consume 114 million liters of fuel and release 360,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide
  • The cut flower industry is not regulated as stringently as the food industry. Because of this, flower growers often use a massive amount of pesticide, creating problems for water supplies, soil quality, etc.
  • Cut flowers account for 45% of Kenya’s virtual water exports