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Recycle Your Halloween Costumes

Recycle Your Halloween Costumes

Unless you are making your Halloween costume from things you find around your home (a process we highly recommend!) your costume was likely bought from a store and won’t ever be used again. Many Halloween costumes are made from polyester, a petroleum-based material that cannot break down and may do damage to the planet after decades sitting in landfills.
To avoid negatively impacting the environment with this year’s Halloween costume, be sure to recycle! First, offer your costume to friends and family, someone who wears the same size might love using your costume next year! Next, try bringing your costume to local thrift stores or costume exchanges. By repurposing your costume, you avoid wasting it and letting it sit in a landfill for centuries.
Not able to find someone or somewhere to take your costume? Research your local donation centers and clothing recycling policies to find out what the best option is for your costume. Next year, try making your costume at home and avoid feeling like you are wasting materials once November 1st rolls around.
Did you know…
- Americans spend upwards $2.8 billion on Halloween costumes annually
- Polyester takes 20-200 years to begin the process of decomposing
- Some cities have candy and costume donation centers. Check your local listings and see how you can share the Halloween wealth with kids in need


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