How to Get Rid of Autumn Leaves Environmentally

How to Get Rid of Autumn Leaves Environmentally


November is here, which means Winter is coming and it is time to get dead Autumn leaves off your lawn. In the time you spend raking, bagging, and getting rid of your Autumn leaves, you might never have stopped to consider how your methods impact the planet.

Throwing plastic bags filled with leaves away merely adds to plastic pollution, further clogging landfills. Burning leaves can be dangerous to public health and safety, potentially causing a fire or releasing dangerous mold and fungus into the air. Simply leaving your leaves on your lawn won’t do either, since this can lead to rotting, unsafe conditions, and the destruction of your lawn.

Instead, try one of these environmentally friendly methods of getting rid of Autumn leaves:

  • Use leaves as mulch to help give flower beds, vegetable gardens, trees, etc. added protection
  • Compost your leaves to use as fertilizer to give your garden added nutrients
  • Check with local waste management/community organizers to learn about public compost heaps, local leaf removal, and local policies regarding proper disposal