The Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

The Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts


If you celebrate Christmas, this time of year probably gets you excited for lots of good food, time with family and friends, and brightly wrapped presents. Giving and getting gifts is one of the best parts of the holiday, and if you’re looking to shell out some holiday cheer, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we want to give you a few simple ideas for awesome Christmas gifts everyone will enjoy that just so happen to be environmentally friendly.

At Wowe Lifestyle, we create products that make living green easy and convenient for everyone. Our products are designed to replace products you already know and love, making them better for the environment without sacrificing quality or changing how you use them in your everyday life. This Christmas, give your friends and family the gift of environmental consideration by gifting them one of these amazing eco-friendly products:

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is super important. Adequate water consumption helps every part of your mind and body stay fresh and healthy. Drinking plenty of water can help you maintain clear skin, a consistent weight, high levels of energy, and can even help improve focus and productivity. Basically, proper hydration is one of the best gifts you can give this holiday season.

Although drinking water is extremely important, plenty of people forget to carry water with them. What’s the first thing most people do when they feel thirsty but are out and about? They buy a plastic water bottle.

Plastic water bottles are, first of all, far more expensive than the product you are actually purchasing. Often several dollars a bottle, buying plastic water bottles costs average Americans up to $250 per year. Hard on your wallet, plastic water bottles are also costly for the environment. Frequently left on beaches, in urban settings, tossed from cars, dropped in oceans and rivers, or improperly disposed of, the majority of plastic water bottles can be found polluting natural environments or stuck in landfills for thousands of years.

At Wowe, we understand that convenience is often king, which is why so many people regularly purchase plastic water bottles. To combat this problem we have the perfect convenient solution.

This Christmas, gift a loved one with a reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Wowe Lifestyle. Carry this bottle with you, and you’ll never be without hydration during the day. Made from FDA approved stainless steel, this water bottle can last a lifetime without sustaining damage, tarnishing, or releasing any kind of toxic chemicals. Featuring a bamboo lid, this water bottle is completely watertight, so there’s no need to worry about it leaking in your bag or purse.

Stainless Steel Straws

Like plastic water bottles, plastic straws are frequent pollution culprits. Super lightweight, plastic straws can easily be blown into rivers, lakes, oceans, and other natural waterways where they pollute the eco-system and are often consumed by local wildlife. Marine wildlife, birds, fish, sea turtles, etc. often mistake plastic straws for food, or otherwise come in contact with these items which become lodged in nostrils, airways, gills, etc.

Though plastic straws pose a major threat to the environment, many people either prefer to use or need to use straws. Persons with limited mobility, the elderly, small children, and many others find using a straw to be easier than drinking regularly from a cup, and straws give many people the freedom to drink on their own. Straws can also help your teeth stay healthier by keeping staining, acidic, and sugary drinks from coming in direct contact with the teeth.

If you have a straw lover in your life, Christmas is the perfect occasion to gift them a reusable Stainless Steel Straw from Wowe! Like our water bottles, these straws are made from FDA approved stainless steel so they will never tarnish or wear. Super-easy to clean, these straws can be reused over and over again. Perfect for parties and casual use, you can even bring these straws to your favorite coffee shop so you never have to say yes to a plastic one ever again.

Travel Straws

Know a straw lover that also loves to travel? Eco-friendly options aren’t always easy to come by on the road, which is why we created our Stainless Steel Straws with Bamboo Travel Cases. Like our other straws, these are super durable, perfect for regular straw users. Best of all, this set of two straws comes with two bamboo travel cases, perfectly designed to fit your straw like a glove and keep it safe and clean throughout your travels.

Bamboo Safety Razor

What’s worse than the feeling of realizing your razor is dull right when you need it most? Traditional plastic razors dull quickly, and though some brands offer cartridge refills with new blades, these refills are typically extremely expensive. Worst of all, traditional razors you can find in your local drugstore are made from mixed materials include large amounts of plastic. Completely non-recyclable, plastic razors sit in landfills for thousands of years before they begin to degrade.

If you have someone that values a close shave and the planet, give them the gift of an Eco-Friendly Double Edge Bamboo Safety Razor from Wowe Lifestyle. Made from stainless steel and natural bamboo, this razor has a beautifully balanced weight that helps you get the closest possible shave. Naturally water repellent and splinter resistant, the bamboo handle can withstand years of use and water exposure, and if taken care of properly, this razor could be with you for the rest of your life.

Unlike plastic razors, this bamboo razor will never need to be thrown away, and you won’t need to worry about overpriced plastic cartridges taking up space in natural environments. When your blade goes dull on this razor, simply pop it off, recycle it, and replace it with a fresh razor blade. Each razor comes with 5 extra razor blades to keep you smooth and polished for weeks. Once you run out of blades, purchase a 100 count razor blade refill pack and you’ll be set for quite some time. 

Organic Cotton Produce Bags

Do you have a foodie in your life that also loves the environment? In truth, every good foodie should love the environment, since all those delicious ingredients come straight from the Earth. Shopping for ingredients to create a beautiful meal is one of the many joys of loving food, and there is no better feeling than finding the perfectly ripe piece of produce or the ancient grain you’ve been on the hunt for.

What doesn’t feel so good is the massive amount of plastic present in the grocery store. Whether it be prepackaged items or items that require you to use a plastic produce bag, the amount of waste that can be found in the grocery store is extensive. Single-use and disposable plastic packaging like produce bags are thrown away immediately after use, and cannot be reused or recycled.

For your foodie friend this Christmas, give them the gift of environmental grocery shopping with a set of Organic Cotton Produce Bags. Completely reusable and long-lasting, these bags can help you ditch the plastic variety for good. Instead of wasting dozens of plastic bags every time you shop, simply slip these reusable cotton bags in your car, pocket, backpack, or bag for the next time you head to the grocery store.

Available in a variety of sizes and mesh or solid varieties, you can use Wowe’s reusable produce bags for anything from protecting delicate fruit to buying bulk grains, granola, and baking items. Best of all, Wowe Cotton Produce Bags are easy to care for and fully reusable and washable, so even if something spills on one of your bags, it will look like brand new after one wash.

Wowe Gift Cards

Looking for a gift for an all-around environmental fanatic? A gift card from Wowe Lifestyle is the perfect gift to introduce them to Wowe, or let them choose products that they already know and love. At Wowe, we carry tons of products that make living green easier and more convenient. By gifting a loved one one of our gift cards this holiday season, you can let them choose the perfect eco-friendly items to integrate into their lifestyle. With a gift card, your loved one can choose a sampling of our products, stock up on their favorite, or try something they might not have bought for themselves otherwise!

Do you love spreading holiday cheer? This holiday, spread your passion for environmental living by visiting Wowe Lifestyle to see our full collection of eco-friendly lifestyle products.