Guest Post - My Oral Health Care Routine (Non-Toxic and Cruelty-Free!)

Guest post by Rachel Stein Blog.


Yesterday I shared my skincare routine with you, and I talked a lot about how important it is to be weary of the ingredients that we put on our skin. This is just as true if not more so for your oral health care routine, because the ingredients are going in your mouth and you may even ingest them!

I always get a lot of compliments on how white my teeth are, and people are always surprised that I maintain their whiteness without any harsh chemicals! Keep reading to learn about the products that I trust and use for my oral hygiene.

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This one is such a life changer! Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic practice where you use a specially designed tongue scraper  to remove to coating on your tongue that you may notice when you wake up in the morning. This coating often houses bacteria, which will make your breath smell and can even block your taste receptors (and it looks so gross!). The first thing that I do every morning, before I drink any water or brush my teeth, is use my tongue scraper. Most bad breath comes from this bacteria on your tongue, so performing this practice will help you eliminate any odors, which is a plus!

I use this tongue scraper from WowE Lifestyle. It is made from stainless steel and is packaged in recycled cardboard, which is completely plastic free! These scrapers are designed to last a lifetime, and they are an incredibly affordable investment to make in your overall health (only $6 each!).


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Now most typical toothbrushes are made with plastic, and can take hundreds of years to decompose. This paired with the fact that you should switch out your toothbrush every three months, creates an astronomical amount of waste. Obviously we need to brush our teeth to maintain great oral health, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment.

I use these 100% biodegradable and sustainable bamboo toothbrushes from WowE. A year's supply is only $12, so the switch is easy and painless!


I alternate between making my own toothpaste and purchasing a natural alternative. If you've read The Power of Habit, (which I can not recommend enough!!!!), then you will know that the popularity of toothpaste grew from a marketing tactic designed to make brushing your teeth a habit. Most people do not use toothpaste because it cleans their teeth, they use it because it makes their mouth feel clean. It foams and it has an incredibly minty flavor, which we associate with cleanliness. Toothbrushes actually do the cleaning, not toothpaste!!! Not only are mainstream toothpastes usually tested on animals, but they also contain harsh, abrasive chemicals that have no business being in our mouths.

I like to use Dr. Bronner's when I'm too lazy to make my own toothpaste.


dr bronners toothpaste





Simply mix all of the ingredients together and store in a small container. Simply dip a portion of your toothbrush into the mixture (about a pea size amount!) and brush!


Another thing that I try to do every morning, is oil pull! Simply put, oil pulling is the process of swishing coconut oil around your mouth for 5-20 minutes. Oil pulling whitens teeth, removes toxins from your body, makes your breath smell better, and so much more (you can read more about the benefits in this article)! Oil pulling is such an easy practice, and it can easily be done while doing the dishes or picking up in the morning. No excuses!


As I mentioned earlier, oil pulling is a great tool to assist in whitening your teeth.

I wrote another blog post awhile ago on activated charcoal, which I add to my toothbrush about once per week to aid in whitening.

A lifestyle choice that I make, is to only drink dark liquids with a straw. I don't drink coffee anymore, but when I did, I would always pack a straw to drink (never plastic and never disposable!). This has probably made the biggest difference in the whiteness of my teeth, because I'm preventing stains from ever happening!

Reusable stainless steel straws.

stainless steel straws

And that's it! Super simple, super affordable, and super easy! I don't like to make things complicated when it comes to help, and this super easy guide will help you overhaul an often overlooked area of your life! What are your best oral hygiene tips? I'd love to know Xx


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