6 Simple Alternatives That Will Help Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

So often it seems that “going green” is a never-ending journey.

First, we learned to take reusable bags to the grocery store. Then, we started frequenting vendors that sold organic produce. And when the concept of zero-waste started trickling into the collective conscious? We re-evaluated the sustainability of products in our kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Ah, the bathroom. In an age when we’re constantly bombarded with advertisements for products we’re told we “need” --- in order to look younger, feel better, smell great, exude radiance --- it’s no wonder our loos are often loaded with products. And many of those seemingly miracles-in-a-jar we purchase first, and think about recyclingafter.

Time to stop that cycle in its tracks. Going green in the bathroom doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Quite the opposite, actually. Zero-waste often entails investing in products that are more effective, less harmful for your body, and are cheaper (especially in the long run).

The best part? You’ll leave Mother Earth feeling as pampered as you are.

  1. Switch your shaver  

safety razor shaving

Consider the razor.

First, it comes wrapped in an excessive plastic bubble (which, side note, is almostalways a headache to pry open). Then there’s the razor handle, which is made of unrecyclable plastic.

Not to mention the blades. Even if you purchase a razor whose heads are replaceable, the cartridges go straight into the trash when their time is up.

Seems like a lot of waste for a shave that… honestly? Isn’t even that good.

So why not go old school? Asafety razor is the green alternative for males and females, providing an anti-waste antidote to a product that contributes approximately2 billion units to landfills every year. The handle itself will last for years, and the blades are cheaper to replace than purchasing an entire new razor every few weeks or so.

And the shave? So long as you’re agile with the razor (don’t press down too hard!), it’s guaranteed to be a smoother, less-irritating experience.

Don’t forget to lather up, too:Make your own shaving cream with just four nourishing ingredients.

  1. Brush cleanerand greener

Bamboo Toothbrush

Another common landfill culprit?

The toothbrush --- or rather, the1 billion brushes that end up in U.S. landfills every year. The non-compostable and -recyclable combination of nylon and plastic means, ironically, the device that works so hard to keep our mouths clean is vastly polluting the earth.

Enter the bamboo-based toothbrush. Bamboo is one of nature’s miracles: It sprouts up about three feet every day, making it one of the most sustainable material alternatives.

Just make sure whatever toothbrush you order also comes inzero-waste packaging.

  1. Round out your oral hygiene the eco-friendly way

smiling lady

Unless you squeeze your toothpaste out ofan aluminum tube, chances are, it’s not recyclable.

If you happen to have purchasedTom’s of Maine orColgate, good news: You can send it to TerraCycle for free, comprehensive recycling. Otherwise, look for toothpaste that comes in a recyclable glass jar (like the kind sold byUncle Harry’s).

Or get crafty with a self-made concoction.Wellness Mama andDr. Axe both created simple, waste-free, and effective formulas that can be thrown together in minutes.

Finish off your twice-daily dental routine by using atongue scraper.  

  1. Lather, rinse, repeat, recycle  

lavender soap

Image iaSisoo

When it comes to shower products, soap is arguably the easiest zero-waste switch to make.

Just replace your packaged body wash with loose bars (like the Good Soap Co. sold at Whole Foods, or any comparable brand from your health goods store).

Shampoo and conditioner is where it gets a bit trickier. There’s always the option ofno-’poo, but it’s proven problematic forseveral bloggers who experimented with it.

Companies likePlaine Products use aluminum packaging for their products, and you return the bottles by mail when they’re empty, for eco-friendly refills. You can also see if there’s a bulk store in your city that offers beauty product refills.

Or buy loose shampoo bars, like the type sold byEthique Limited.

  1. Smell as great as you treat the earth

crystal stone mineral deodorant

Image via Instagram

Let’s face it: Plastic waste is the pits. So eliminate the trash generated by non-recyclable deodorant packaging with an eco-alternative.

Companies likeMeow Meow Tweet andSchmidts sell paraben-free deodorant in recyclable glass jars. Or go minimal with acrystal stone mineral deodorant.

  1. Moisturize your skin with eco-goodness

Moisturize your skin

Image viaGoing Zero Waste

When it comes to ingredients you’re putting on your skin or in your body, you want to be able to pronounce them (with the exception of açai, of course). There are so many additives in the lotions available in your average drugstore, it almost makes them as unappealing as their excessive and unrecyclable plastic packaging.

Say no to both by whipping up your own lotion.

Litterless,Trash is for Tossers, andGoing Zero Waste all have super simple recipes requiring minimal, bulk-bought ingredients.

Going green may be an ongoing journey, but these simple swaps will make it an easy and cost-effective one.

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