going green laundry


Did you know using warm water to wash your clothes is one of the largest uses of energy in your home?
It is estimated that 90% of the energy your washer uses goes to heating the water.  Switching your machine from warm to cold water can keep 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year.  It is so easy to make the switch just move that dial or push that button to cold water, it’s that simple.

Is it true that warm water cleans your clothes better?  The answer is yes and no.
Common detergents have a cleaning agent that is activated in warm water to get your clothes nice and clean.  However all brands are realizing the effect of washing your clothes with warm water has on the planet, they are now making cold water detergents that can be bought at all major stores.

Extra tips:
1. Once the washing machine beeps your clothes are clean.  There is no need to run another cycle to over wash your clothes
2. Always do a full load of laundry
3. Make sure to clean the dryer lint before every cycle
4. If possible try to hang dry.  It may take longer and use up more room but this makes a big difference in energy use and a big savings on your bill
5. Use vinegar in place of softener.  (Vinegar also helps remove bacteria and soapy build up in your washing machine).