Eat Vegetarian Once a Week

Eat Vegetarian Once a Week

Completely changing your lifestyle and eating habits is a big step, and we don’t encourage you to do so unless it feels right for you. What we do encourage is eating vegetarian at least once a week. Meat production is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, and accounts for a massive portion of global land use. By cutting back your meat consumption, you can help reduce the negative impact of meat and dairy production on the environment.


Start by dedicating one day a week to vegetarian eating. Consider visiting a local market and finding in season veggies to inspire your meals. Eating vegetarian is a great way to improve your diet, introduce you to new foods, and reduce your impact on the environment all at once.


Did you know…

  • 105kg of greenhouse gasses are emitted during the production of only 100g of beef
  • Tofu production only produces 3.5kg of greenhouse gasses for every 100g of tofu produced
  • Meat production accounts for only 18% of food produced, but is responsible for 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions