Ditch Plastic Dog-Poo Bags

Ditch Plastic Dog-Poo Bags

Dogs are a super important part of daily life in our society with more than 60-million dog-owning households in the U.S. alone. Dogs really have become human’s best friend, and many people dedicate the majority of their spare time and money to the keeping of canine companions. Though the many responsibilities of dog ownership can be enjoyable for four-legged lovers, there is one task that most dog owners agree is a real drag: picking up poop.

Whether you walk your dog, bring it to the park, let it in the yard to do its duties, or have some other method of allowing your dog to relieve themselves, picking up after them is an important job. Most people get this task done with the help of plastic dog poop bags, typically using upwards of 10 per week for a single dog.

Though effective in the cleanup of pet waste, these plastic bags are just as harmful to the environment as the plastic bags grocery stores and environmentalists have begun to cut out. To make your dog-poo routine a little greener, try investing in biodegradable non-plastic dog-poo bags.

Did you know…

  • Biodegradable dog-poo bags are made from corn flour/starch, vegetable oil, and other natural materials
  • Biodegradable dog-poo bags break down organically within weeks of being thrown away
  • Plastic bags can take hundreds of years to begin to decompose