Cancel Your Junk Mail

Cancel Your Junk Mail



Junk mail is a major contributor to paper waste, with over 96 million trees felled for junk mail production every year in the US alone. Junk mail isn’t only a waste of resources, but also a major waste of space. No one needs the dozens of brightly colored pieces of junk mail they receive every week, yet most of us do nothing to stop the onslaught.

To save only paper and to avoid the annoying piles of junk mail, cancel it altogether. Stop the junk mail online using DMA Choice, contact credit bureaus, and get in touch with individual companies. A few minutes of effort is all it takes to cancel your junk mail, reduce your waste, and make mail collection time way less annoying. When you do receive junk mail, be sure to recycle it!

Did you know…

  • 50% of junk mail is not recycled despite being recyclable
  • The junk mail industry uses 10-24 billion gallons of water each year
  • The average American household receives 69lbs of unwanted junk mail every year