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travel mug



Travel mugs are for more than toting home-brewed beverages; plenty of coffee shops and cafes will happily fill your travel mug rather than use a disposable cup, and might even offer you a discount!
Single use coffee and tea cups and their lids are one of the biggest contributors to global waste, and with less than 1% being recyclable, they continue to pile up in our landfills. Rather than using yet another single-use coffee or tea cup, bring a travel mug along with you! Travel mugs are reusable, free from the harmful chemicals that may be present in styrofoam cups, and might even save you a couple of bucks on the way.
Did you know....

  • 16 billion single use coffee cups are disposed of every year
  • Even paper coffee cups are non-recyclable, as the majority possess a plastic coating
  • Some coffee shops like Starbucks offer discounts to customers who bring and use their own reusable travel mug