Silk Dental Floss from Wowe Lifestyle – What You Need to Know

Flossing your teeth is an essential part of a healthy dental hygiene routine. However, the nylon floss that most people use causes damage to the environment. It's not biodegradable, so it can take as long as 1,000 years to decompose. Over this time, it can release harmful toxins into the earth.

You may have seen on the news that nylon and other plastic items can also cause damage to animals. This is why using eco-friendly silk dental floss is so important. You can maintain a good dental hygiene routine and help to protect the planet at the same time. Wowe Lifestyle has created a dental floss that is entirely centered on being eco-friendly.

Storage jar that is eco-friendly

Even the storage jar that comes with the silk dental floss is eco-friendly. It's made from stainless steel which is not harmful to the environment and which can be used again and again. The jar is also completely safe to handle, unlike the thin glass jars that are provided with some silk dental floss.

This safe handling is important as you do not want to be in danger of cutting yourself. It also means that you can have complete peace of mind about the protection of the floss if you take it on a trip with you.

Floss made using peace silk

The dental floss that is provided by Wowe Lifestyle is made from peace silk. This is a type of silk that is also being used by designers such as Stella McCartney. It's use is becoming more popular because the harvesting of the silk is not harmful to the silk worm.

Normally, the harvesting of silk can result in the death of silk worms. In the case of peace silk, the harvesting is completed after the silk worms have already turned into moths. This means that silk worms are not killed as part of the process. This makes this type of silk a better choice for use in products which are aimed at being eco-friendly. Hence, its use in Wowe Lifestyle silk dental floss.

Refill bag that is eco-friendly

It's not just the storage jar that is eco-friendly, when it comes to Wowe Lifestyle silk dental floss. The packaging used for the floss refills is also eco-friendly. It's made from biodegradable corn starch. This means that it will not end up in landfill sites, polluting the environment. Many other dental floss refills are packaged in plastic which you need to dispose of, potentially causing damage to the environment around you.
We live on a planet which is currently being flooded by plastic. The earth and oceans are being polluted by it, and animals are dying as a result of its presence. You need to do everything you can to have a positive impact. This includes choosing to use the eco-friendly silk dental floss provided by Wowe Lifestyle.