How to be Effortlessly Environmentally Conscious

How to be Effortlessly Environmentally Conscious


Sometimes, the weight of the world’s problems can feel like a little too much to handle. With climate change, global pollution, world hunger, deforestation, and so many other ethical concerns to consume your conscience, keeping track of everything can feel like a stressful, unpaid, full-time job.

Environmentalism shouldn’t be a miserable experience, in fact, at Wowe Lifestyle, we love working to find new ways to make eco-friendly living more accessible to people just like you. You don’t need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and there is no need to overload yourself with more responsibility than you can handle. What you do need to do is find ways to incorporate healthy, eco-friendly living into your life without the extra stress.

Effortless eco-friendly living is how we roll in the Wowe-world, a basic ideal that inspires all of our products. In this article, we want to help you boost your effortless environmentalism with a few super easy steps! Once you get the ball rolling, keeping up with these green-living techniques is so easy they are, dare we say, effortless.

Switch From Plastic to Cotton

One of the easiest ways to make your lifestyle a little greener is by adding some simple cotton bags to your lifestyle. If you haven’t already, you should try replacing your single-use plastic grocery bags with reusable cotton totes and grocery bags. Washable, durable, reusable, and biodegradable, cotton grocery bags are the perfect alternative to those pesky petroleum-based bags you find at the grocery store.

Once you have your reusable cotton grocery bags, keep them by your door, in the trunk of your car, in a pocket of your bag or purse, or anywhere where they are easily accessible before you head to the grocery store. Once you start the habit of using your reusable grocery bags, keeping them readily available won’t require a second thought.

Though single-use plastic grocery bags are a big problem for the environment, they aren’t the only single-use plastic item your local grocery has plenty of. Produce bags are another non-recyclable item that pose a threat to the environment. Plastic produce bags can frequently be found floating in rivers, streams, lakes, and the ocean, polluting natural eco-systems and poisoning native wildlife.

Instead of grabbing a plastic produce bag next time you need to wrap up a bunch of kale, use one of our Reusable Organic Cotton Produce Bags. Our bags come in mesh and solid varieties, making them perfect for buying bulk products like oats, nuts, and baking products, or produce. These produce bags are completely reusable, can easily be washed, and are made from 100% organic, sustainable, biodegradable materials. These bags can last for years with proper care, and like your grocery bags can be kept in a convenient place for every time you visit the store.

Get a Reusable Cup and Straw

A tasty drink from your favorite local coffee shop or a delicious blended coffee beverage is a great way to start or end a big day, and if you love drinking yours from a straw don’t worry, there’s no shame in your game. We agree, drinking from a straw makes everything better, and can have important purposes for people with limited mobility. The problem with straws is the impact the plastic varieties have on the environment.

Single-use plastic straws are non-recyclable, meaning the majority are tossed in the trash or left littered on sidewalks and in natural environments. Easily mistaken for food by small critters and marine animals, plastic straws have been found with increasing frequency in the digestive systems of a huge variety of wildlife all over the world. If current rates of plastic pollution remain consistent, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. Instead of accepting another single-use plastic straw from your favorite beverage purveyor, add a reusable straw to your daily routine.

At Wowe, some of our most popular products are our Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Straws. These eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic straws can be reused countless times and are durable enough to last a lifetime with proper care. Our straws come in straight and curved varieties, and each set features an eco-friendly cotton cleaner to help remove sticky or caked on residue from inside your straw.

If you like the idea of a reusable straw, consider opting for a reusable cup as well. Clear plastic and plastic-lined paper coffee cups are two more non-recyclable items that are commonly sent to landfills or left to pollute natural ecosystems. A reusable cup can help you reduce the amount of waste you contribute as well as potentially save you a few bucks! Many coffee shops and cafes will give you a few cents off for using your own coffee cup, an added incentive to make your daily coffee, tea, or smoothie routine a little more eco-friendly.

Turn Down the Temperature

Now that cold weather is here, you have probably turned up your thermostat to make your home roasty and toasty. We can’t fault you for wanting to be cozy, but if you are concerned for the environment, you might want to consider turning down the heat by a few degrees. The less you make your furnace work, the less power it will consume, helping you save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and potentially even save some money. On average, turning down your thermostat by only 1 degree can save you 3% on your energy bill.

What makes this green-living hack effortless is how easy it is to do and how easy it is to forget you have done it. Turn the thermostat down a few degrees then forget about it! Once your body adjusts to the slight temperature drop and you find the right sweater to keep you extra cozy, the topic of optimizing your energy and financial savings on heat consumption won’t need to cross your mind again.

Replace Your Plastic Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are a staple item in everyone’s bathroom, an important tool for keeping your teeth and general health well-maintained. Brushing your teeth can help you preserve the integrity of your teeth, keep them white, and prevent tooth decay and gum disease from affecting you later down the line. With demand for toothbrushes not likely to drop any time soon, a huge number of toothbrushes are sold every year all over the world.

Now, most toothbrushes you find in drug stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies are made from non-recyclable materials like mixed plastics and nylon. These items are bought and thrown away in mass, with nearly 1 billion plastic toothbrushes disposed of every year in the US alone, a huge number of these plastic items find their way to landfills or are left to pollute natural ecosystems. Plastic toothbrushes can take centuries to begin to decompose, at which point they break down into micro-plastics that can easily be mistaken for food by small animals and leach dangerous chemicals into the soil.

Since you can’t forego brushing your teeth and you need to keep a quality toothbrush on hand, now is a great time to consider an eco-friendly alternative. At Wowe Lifestyle, we have taken the time to examine the problem of plastic toothbrush waste and worked to find a viable, convenient solution. Our Eco-Friendly and Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes are the perfect alternatives to environmentally harmful plastic varieties.

Our bamboo toothbrushes clean as effectively as traditional plastic toothbrushes, so you never have to compromise the quality of your brushing. Naturally water-resistant and splinter-free, these bamboo toothbrushes hold up against continued use, making them just as durable as traditional toothbrushes. Once you have used your toothbrush for three months, it’s time to get a new one. Luckily, replacing your bamboo toothbrush won’t hurt the environment since your toothbrush won’t take centuries to break down. Biodegradable and made from natural materials, Wowe’s bamboo toothbrushes take only a few years to biodegrade.

By choosing a bamboo toothbrush, you become a little more effortlessly environmentally conscious. Simply opening your bathroom cabinet and using your bamboo toothbrush is an act of environmentalism. Choosing an environmental alternative and sticking to it will turn your routine from wasteful to eco-friendly.

Choose a Reusable Water Bottle

Like single-use coffee cups and straws, single-use plastic water bottles cause a major strain on the environment. Plastic water bottles are often recyclable, but that doesn’t mean they end up being recycled; the majority are littered, left in landfills, or pile up in people’s homes, cars, bags, etc. Plastic water bottles are bad for the environment and can be bad for human health. Many plastic water bottles contain BPA, a synthetic chemical that has been linked to a variety of human health problems like hormonal disorders and certain cancers.

Rather than wasting your money on another single-use plastic water bottle, choose a Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Wowe Lifestyle. Made from FDA approved stainless steel that won’t corrode or cause health problems, our water bottles are completely reusable and can last for years with proper care. Adding a reusable water bottle to your routine may take a few days to get used to, but once you are in the habit of bringing your water bottle with you the process will become effortless.

Do you want to discover more ways to live a happier, healthier, greener life? Visit Wowe Lifestyle online to see our products and to learn more about living an eco-friendly lifestyle.