How To Use And Dispose Of A Tongue Cleaner


Most curbside recycling bins will take the stainless steel and copper tongue cleaners. If you are not sure give them a call or check the top of your recycling bin.


- Stick out your tongue (do not point your tongue, this will decrease the surface area and make scraping less effective)
- Place the tongue scraper as far back as you can comfortably go.
- Apply pressure but not to much to cause discomfort or abrasion.
- Pull the scarper forward from the back to the front of your tongue, removing all the residue.
- Repeat steps 2-4 at least 4 times or until you feel all residue is removed, rinsing the scarper after each pass.
- Once finished completely rinse the tongue scraper with water or mouthwash. (If you need to completely disinfect the tongue scarper you can put it in boiling water.)