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Silk Dental Floss | Refills Only

  • 100% biodegradable dental floss made from natural silk, natural candelilla wax, and natural essential oils for the flavored floss.
  • Five refills in each box.  Each refill is 33 yards.
  • Each spool will last 1 person roughly 2 months
  • Our silk is sustainably harvested.  Read more about Peace Silk.
  • Refills fit in our stainless steel floss jar and will also fit on most other brands of jar.
  • Plastic free packaging that is eco-friendly.
  • Texture that removes more build up than traditional floss.

Complete your oral hygiene with Wowe Bamboo Toothbrushes and Wowe Tongue Cleaners.


While dental floss that is made of plastic may be good for your dental hygiene routine, it's not good for the world around you. Plastic releases toxins into the ground when it's placed in landfills so choosing dental floss made from silk is a more eco-friendly option.
Doing so means that you can maintain a good dental hygiene routine while also helping to take care of the environment that you live in.

Wowe eco-friendly dental floss is made from natural peace silk, this means that it's 100% biodegradable. There is no danger of this dental floss causing damage to the planet. It provides exactly the same excellent dental care experience as any plastic floss.

Peace silk is exactly the same as regular silk, the only difference being that no caterpillars were harmed during its making. Rather than boiling intact cocoons containing caterpillars, peace silk producers wait until the moths reach full maturity and naturally break out of their cocoons.

To learn more about Peace Silk view our article HERE.

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